Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A pedantic discourse on things in front of my nose.

{sent this morning to my support group}

'And in the absence of facts, myth rushes in, the kudzu of history.'

                                                Cleopatra A Life ....Stacy Schiff

Hello everyone,

I once again find myself with the time to ponder. It occurs; and I confess makes desire to bring finger tips to key board. Oh for the older times when that line would have read; bring pen to hand. Oh well, time stops for no man.

Upon reading the above sentence in the new book by Ms Schiff, I was drawn in my memory to, and I would admit to several occurrences in times past listening to the pulpit, of the use of an amusing story of one William Randolph Hearst and his art collection. I cannot say if this story is indeed factual or if like accounts of kidney thieves, is mere urban legion. I offer it merely as reflective of my thought and without further statement as to the accurateness. As retold by several pastors in my life; (and as included by Warren Wiersbe) it goes something like this:

William Randolph Hearst Was a Billionaire Who Made His Fortune as a Newspaper Publisher. He Decided at One Point in His Life to Invest His Fortune in Great       Works of Art. One Day He Read About a Very Valuable Piece of Art in an Art Magazine, and He Decided That He Wanted to Buy It. So, He Called His Agent and            Sent Him All Over the World Trying to Find It. The Agent Searched for It All Over the World, But He Couldn’t Find It.

            William Randolph Hearst Insisted That He Find the Piece of Art; So, He Sent Him Out Again. Finally, the Agent Returned and Said, "Mr. Hearst I Have Found the          Valuable Piece of Art You Have Been Searching For. Mr. Hearst Said, "That is Wonderful Where Was It?" Then, the Agent Said, "It Was in Your Own Warehouse             Sir;      You Bought It Several Years Ago."

It has been stated at past meetings that WE as a group are in need of speakers. My friends, as I have no voice, I ask that you please indulge me and my desire to speak to this issue in the only manner I possess.

I personally see several Doctors on a regular basis. I shall upon my next visit with each, ask if they would be interested in addressing us. I know some of you are in the medical field and have access to reps from a verity of companies which may be interested in coming for a visit. Heck, I would indeed promise you all to behave most civilly in the presence of an insurance reprehensive. Honest, I would behave. I for one am most appreciative of anyone whom would take of their time and knowledge and share with us. It doesn't even really have to be medical or cancer related. There are many, many subjects which I personally would think be of interest to US as a group. I dare suggest almost any subject could somehow be germane to all of us. Give it some thought! One never knows unless one asks.

On this subject, I have a question. Do we as a group give as a token of our appreciation any sort of gift for speaking to us? In times past and in my other lives, I would always present a token of thanks. Sometimes in the form of a pen with a logo on it. I know that one of the most cherished mementos I personally received (in that past life of mine) was a simple index card of thanks signed by all in attendance. I hope we do. If not, I would ask that we do whatever is correct and governing to get something. It never has to be big nor expensive; it just should be honest.

That being said, I wish to make the following observation to everyone. I so enjoy and relish the time we spend in just catching each other up. I hope and desire that we always have and make the time to hear from each other. Like a warm cup of coffee at the breakfast table, we as a family must come to the meeting table with support. Lord knows I so need that. I would be willing to venture that most of the rest of us do as well. There is something permanent about the LOVE of true friends, those enjoined in battle.

I must tell you that I look forward each month to commune with each of you. I give thanks to Providence for our being able to do just that. Come together, tell stories, joke, cry, encourage and stir into a better life; if only in the moment. I find inspiration in each and every one of you. You, all of you; make my life better and I long to hear of your struggles, your victories and your blessed and beautiful .. every day of life. I am almost embarrassed to convey that those moments spent going around the table and listening to each of you is a highlight in my life. I am so proud and amazed by the breath of wonder which sits around me each time we meet.

Please, nothing I say is to be mistaken as a desire NOT to have guest speakers. It is not. I think it is important that we are exposed to and are educated by the current state of medical advance in our shared concern. This is a good, noble and important part of our healing process.

I just, also feel, it is so important that we not forget to enjoy in the victories and yes, setbacks; of each other. I by no means would ever for one moment pretend to know what was in the mind of Mike upon creation of this group and the wonderful job done by all of you who have been here from the beginning. I can only announce what I gain from what you all have so bravely done! You have given me friendship. I cherish it so highly and I desire to see it preserved. My hope and desire is that we never get so busy, or caught up in all that each of us face daily; that we forget what we all ready possess in our own warehouse: each other.

I hope to see each of you at this next meeting and I wish you all health. Be strong.

Monday, January 17, 2011

High Crimes and Misdemeanors…?



Chasing an intergalactic spy across the heavens?


Playing full contact D&D game?


Was at hospital last night (mom had fallen), got a little woozy, add in some low blood pressure and probably not enough to eat and Walla… pass out time with nose in the lead!


I am OK, broke my nose but nothing to bad. Hay, at least I was in the hospital ER all ready.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Guy!



You went to other worlds and you flew with a jet pack! Not many can say that. Happy Birthday Professor.