Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Old Testament World!


{Delivered to my support group last night, read by Mindy}

Hello Everyone,

As always, I find myself in happy awe of all of you. I am proud to be counted among your list of friends and I am impassioned by my respect of each and every story you bring here each and every month.

It was a most amazing January; was it not?

Birds falling from the sky, fish drowning and washing up on the beach. Storms on Saturn. Volcanoes lighting up the night sky in diverse places. WOW, we live in an Old Testament World! And, that doesn't even cover the stuff we are exposed to on the evening news. Shootings right here in our home town, worldwide strange weather and seems like the entire Middle East in turmoil, wait, oh sorry; the Middle East is always in turmoil; but you get the point. What's next, dogs and cats living together? We indeed are living in strange times.

Not so headline worthy, but none the less important to me; my mom fell and hurt her head about 3 weeks ago. I take her to the ER for stitching up and while there, I have a blood pressure drop, fall and break my nose. At least I wasn't far from getting help. Like all face wounds, I was bleeding all over; but, I wash up pretty good and I am better now.

Speaking of mom, she continues to digress in her mental and memory aspects. She requires a lot of attention which seemed the place I have her at wanted to make a drastic upping of the charge for watching her. After a lot of talking with them, they have decided to continue at the same rate at least for now. For those who have been involved with Alzheimer's disease know what I am dealing with. It is hard but also provides for blessing and a special bond between my mother and myself that is a privilege that I will never regret.

As for me, the chest CT was good and normal and all those really good things which we are all so happy to hear. There is a spot which demands that an eye keep attention for any growth; but hay, for me, that seems about normal. I got a very good report from all of my doctors and nurse (wink/wink...Jan is always there for me) and I look forward to the next round of scans in the near future.

How I feel is a different issue. I hurt. I have trouble breathing. I am old. Nothing much can be done. I simply cannot afford to pay for another prosthetic at the current time. Oh well, as a non-producer in this society, I have no tears to shed.

I really hope each of you believe me when I say I much encouragement I get from being in your presence. I love and respect each and every one of you. I hope and pray for us all.

Be strong my glorious friends; after what we have been through...Old Testament type news is just a walk in the park; besides, what can they do; send us to the Nam?

Love to you all and my best wishes.