Monday, March 10, 2008

a busy weekend

it started friday night with me going to check out my buds new band called rage of angles. it was fun to see what had happened with trevor and after subnet. rage is a 4 piece band with a lead singer; taking pressure off trevor to sing. now only harmonizing and backups. this alows him to really let loose on the guitar. they did two of our old songs and that was really fun to hear. they want me to play bass, but that is still a long way off if ever. i will think about it.

then, sunday morning, before the race, i went and saw 10000 bc with kenny, pavlos, marios and his wife arrie. it was fairly good; typical storyline but with a rather cool twist to the ancient egypt story. action and popcorn and by no means gross at all. some but not a lot of blood.

after the movie, i rushed back home to catch thesecond half of the race. all in all, a busy but really good weekend.

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