Sunday, October 5, 2008

the passing of David Foster Wallace

in my running around last week attending to necessary medical sojourns; i missed the passing of David Foster Wallace. i had discovered mr. wallace via Infinite Jest as most have. i will admit that sometimes he can be rather difficult to get through and/or heaven forbid, possibly boring. however; is is engaging and captures a sense of everyday 'soil' as only few could. thanks david for your brain droppings. i for one enjoyed consuming them.

please take a few minutes to read this and if you have 30 minutes for a pure joyful ride into everyday non reality, watch the vid. it is long but you may enjoy. the back end reading about his experiences on a cruise ship are so delightfully true that i was in tears. my experience was that if you went to the 'head' {read as toilet} at night; upon return, your bed was remade.


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