Saturday, July 24, 2010

A World on the Move

I wanted to share with you what has become ‘one’ of my favorite postcards from the park. This is how Tomorrowland should look. Everything in motion. Moving. Going from somewhere to somewhere. Never really stopping. I am not afraid to admit, even if the journey only took place in my mind, on each and every adventure I every set out upon from any conveyance seen here; it was most magical and gave me an abundance of pleasure.

world of motion_f

There is the Skyway, the only attraction which took it’s passengers to truly other ‘Lands’ and allowing for the most dramatic of views while doing so. The ‘grays’; the true fleet ready to take you under the seas. The PeopleMover, that always made me feel like one of the Jetsons. And, the Monorail. Nothing ever said this is what the world should be like as the Monorail.

world in motion_b

There was just such an hectic energy in this Tommorowland; a promise that the world would be OK for everyone and it would always be prosperous and always looking for a bigger, bolder, faster and yes, safer way of life.

If only it were true!

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Connie Moreno said...

I agree! On all counts!