Thursday, November 25, 2010

A prolegomena to Thanksgiving; an epistemological look at my caloric intake.


And why I am thankful to be alive.

On this wonderful day and because more than a few have asked, I thought I would share with all how I consume. I off this accounting as merely an answer to the question of how and to let all of you know how blessed I am and how truly thankful I am that this is a blessing from God as the alternative would be starvation.



I need a couple of things to begin:

A can of food which I purchase from Walgreens in one of three flavors, a cup and a syringe.


Today, for Thanksgiving breakfast I chose Vanilla. Just because.


Give the can a good shake, nothing like lumpy vanilla. Yucccky!

Into that cup it goes.


Purging my tube, nothing like stomach fluids flying every where. Sorry, but it’s a fact; I have to be careful as it can be very embarrassing if I’m not careful.


Get a syringe full of substance.


And, into the tube, ready to be pushed into my stomach. This is done slowly for several reasons.


Let the line breath and allow the fluid level to find its way into my stomach via gravity….yup; just need to allow for leveling.

After finishing a can, the cup and syringe gets a cleaning flush.


Time for a juicy dessert if you will. For me this occurrence calls for Grape. Oh yummy. Wish I could taste.


Same procedure, have to purge the air and allow for gravity.


Down the hatch; well, down the tube for me. Then, when done, simply rinse and repeat as needed.

I hope this has in no way has thrown a shadow over your Thanksgiving meal. I just thought it was proper to share with you what I do for not only today but every day in order to keep alive. I am so very thankful really. If the ability and procedures of having a feeding tube were not available, I would have no way of eating and would not be alive. It is important to me to be thankful. I trust you have something in your life to be thankful for as well. 


Sarah said...

I am thankful for YOU! <3

Connie Moreno said...

Thufer, while it is easy for me to sit here and say, "Yes, modern medicine helps millions", you bring the fact home. I admit, it's easy to become so focused on one's own "problems" and forget what other people go through. I hope you have a great day surrounded by your family. Know that I am thankful for "meeting" you, my friend!

JG said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Thufer. I deeply appreciate your courage in sharing. I offer you and your family all my best wishes. God has blessed us all with friends. I am thankful for "meeting" you too.