Friday, July 22, 2011

Have you ever finished the last page of a book and….

Pulp was a big part of my developmental reading. I have packed away my Doc Savage collection ready for Hayden to reach the age of 10 and discover that world as I did.

There is currently a resurge of this venerable form of literature from the early to mid years of the 20th century. A time when there was Radio and the theater of the mind and Saturday Morning serials down on Main Street at the Bijou. My parents showed such movies at their traveling ‘tent movie’ showings early in their marriage. I explored the world of pulp from books.

While I read a lot, I tend to resist blogging and reviewing the books I read for several reasons. I don’t consider what I like to be universal by any stretch of my imagination and; I am not a reviewer by trade. However, ever so often I read a work that I do wish to speak of and share my thoughts.

The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril by Paul Malmont (Simon & Schuster Paperbacks) is one such book. In Mr. Malmont’s debut effort, he manages to take me back to my youth, hits me over the head with nonstop action, takes my breath with white knuckle escapes and reminds me that is was and is OK to know that ‘Right’ does need to win. The twist in this wonderful read is that it revolves around some of the giant pulpateers themselves. You may or may not recognize some our all of the authors/characters mentioned. If you do, you will smile, if not, I ask that you look into the past and discover heroes like Doc Savage, The Shadow or the Avenger. At least it will be an exposure to such names as Dent or Hubbard (yes, that L. Ron Hubbard) and maybe even Lovecraft.

This yarn leaves you breathless.

Oh yes, the review part:

Have you ever finished the last page of a book and thought man, I wish I had written that? Well, now I have thought just that. Good job Mr. Malmont, thank you for taking me back to the time I enjoyed reading stories that were good. Thank you and the others who are bringing back pulp in the written form.