Monday, November 7, 2011

An the survey says......

Chief Joseph (1840–1904), the chief of the Wal...Image via WikipediaI need to catch everyone up with regards to my medical status as of this week. Besides moving, I also had my follow up Pet Scan to my latest round of radiation to my lung. If you have known me for a while or followed my blogs you know what a tenuous time the waiting is. This time was no different but at least I had the moving as a distraction.

The call came first thing last Wednesday morning. My long time Oncology nurse and friend was on the other end and was just busting a smile I could see over the airwaves. The news was good. The treatment showed no uptake and no severe scarring issues. Also, there was no uptake in the throat which my ENT doctor was concerned with. This is real good news and I am very excited to be in good condition currently.

I have been here before. The initial follow up Pet Scan has historically been clean only to come back at the year point. I am staying guardedly positive and not thinking about the cancer so much but in the back of my mind I have to wait until the second scan which will be in about 6 months to finally feel secure in what my condition really is. Such is life.

To be honest, I get tired very easy and still have the pain catch up with me in the evening but at least for now; there is no ‘blackness’ inside me eating away at what is left.
I am alive and I give thanks every day. If you are of like persuasion, I ask that you continue to pray for my health or at least have good thoughts. Know that I have all of you in my prayers as well.

Still living out of some boxes but I at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the words of Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce, ‘I shall no more move, forever.’ – Well, sort-a something like that as I have no desire to ever move again. I just hope that is the case. It is very pretty up here and it is amazing how just a little altitude into the foothills make that morning cup of coffee on my patio taste like none other. There is a wonderful chill in the morning breeze and I just watch the clouds hug the mountains. I am happier here than in my previous home though it is much, much smaller. Ah, I needed to get rid of most of that junk anyway. I was a notorious hoarder of anything and everything I have every owned. It was hard, but so much has been either lovingly placed in the capable care of the ‘dump captain’ or passed along to several charities here in town. It was hard, but I have let go of so much.

OK, I wanted to let my friend and acquaintances that follow me here that all is well and we just need to wait for another 6 month scan. Some pictures of the new ‘hovel’ coming soon; I promise.

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JG said...

Good news, Thufer. All my best, you are often in my thoughts.


Thufer said...

Thank you, it means a lot to me.

Connie Moreno said...

Well, that is excellent news! I also hope that you didn't let go of too many Disney items...LOL.