Monday, December 5, 2011

Around my new place.

I promised I would take some pictures of my new location and today seemed as good as any.

First up is a sunset from the other evening. Tucson is famous for these.


Next up is a few views from my landing looking down to the pool area.


Hear are a few looks up towards Mt. Lemon from the parking area.


And finally, a look inside. Some clutter and not everything is in it’s place, but this gives you a glimpse into the new hovel.


Hope you enjoyed this very quick tour. Yes, I like it up here a lot. This is much smaller and easier on me to keep up. Plus…..wait for it….wait…I hear a drum roll…….



no more yard work. YES!

1 comment:

JG said...

Hello Thufer. Looks like a great place. I see what you mean about the views.

I hope you will be very happy here.

Thank you for sharing.


PS, LOL, we have the same keyboard.