Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March is here

(Delivered to my support group, read by Scott)

Hello Everyone,

I truly hope everyone is doing wonderfully.

I really did have a great time with my daughter and her family. I smiled for days.

However, back to the real world I came. Mom has had another series of seizures and I have been dealing with that. These things take such a toll on her physical well being and of course confuse the heck out of her and we all are back to step one.

Time for me to start gearing up for poking and prodding. Dr. Haung's office called and he says it's time for him to have a look see. I am sure Dr. Manning and Dr. Stratigoulras are not that far behind. We are coming up on the year out Pet Scan ordeal. This has historically been the scan that has disclosed further cancer activity. I ask for all of the prayers and good thoughts that you can send my way. Just once; I really would like this (one year) scan to be clear.

I have been working really hard on eating. After feasting on formula, chocolate candy, fruit smoothies and frequent stops at Dairy Queen; I know, a lot of you would trade for my problem, I am happy to tell everyone I now weigh 143.5 pounds. That is the most I have weighted since 2006.

I continue to be as active as I can be and I try each day to leave this world a bit better off than I have found it. Some days, it is just by a smile, but that's one more smile that wasn't on the earth yesterday. There are so many things that bother me, both here and around the world. I spend a great deal of time in prayer; I can only hope that it helps just a little.

It is so good to see everyone and I just hope you all the best. Life is very good for me even though it has many worries for me to deal with. I love you all as I continue to mark off each and every day till December 21st. I am not sure that any winter solstice has been so anticipated as this one. I do so intend to sit on my patio in my chair and just smile. Smile because on that day I will have smitten the Mayan demons and I shall be rewarded with yet one more morning to know each and every one of you wonderful people. Pole shift ha. I have stared the black maw of cancer in the face and because of my faith in God, I shall fear no evil.

Be good and kind to the world everyone, and be strong, because cancer sucks.


Connie Moreno said...

Prayer, good thoughts and white light are sent your way always but even more so now that you've asked. You may not know this but you've made my world a better place just by being you!

outsidetheberm said...

Keep up the good fight. You can beat it.

I'll share an extra smile for you today.