Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bringing my love of N.C. Wyeth to the Hovel.


As most who follow my FB postings know, I have a big love of N.C. Wyeth’s art. There is just something about his work which speaks to my youth when I read may works which were graced with his talent. The library was a wonderful and magical place for me.

I hope you will become a fan of the website ‘Golden Age Comic Book Stories’.

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Davelandweb said...

N.C.Wyeth is also one of my faces; I love visiting the Brandywine area and seeing his works and his studio. The guy was an underrated artistic talent, too often dismissed as a mere illustrationist.

Thufer said...

@Dave; yes, it is sad that N.C does have the 'rep' of being mearly an illustrationist. I have been moved by his work from being a youngester and I find a depth and reality conveyed like none of his contemperaries who sway the "artist" banner.
I also envy your visits to Brandywine!ringer