Tuesday, July 14, 2009

and finally; an end

Today, we come to the end of our series from the 50th Anniversary look at the park.

I was lucky enough to actually be in the park on the evening of July 4th 1976. The bicentennial parade and fireworks were amazing. I was also in the park for the 25th park anniversary in 1980 which produced a fairly good fantasy in the sky. I can only image what the 50th firework display (the biggest in park history) was like.


Again, we see goal-leaf in yet another park opening commemoration. This time, it’s the tea cups. OK, I will be honest. The two rides I no longer get on are the tea cups and Dumbo. Sorry, makes for too long a day.


One last look at the parade. Her we have monsters; from Monsters Inc.


That’s it for the ‘Home Coming’ and 50 years of Disneyland. I hope you enjoyed the up to date look. Back into the history past of the park soon.

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