Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is that just one bobsled?

Some interesting facts about the (first) mountain and what has been my favorite ride in the park from my first visit in the early 60’s through today.

In the scamper of opening day on June 14th of 1959, the flag of Denmark was mistakenly placed on top as opposed to the flag of Switzerland; continuing the legendary opening snafu(s) which have occurred at the park.

Yes, there is a basketball hoop in the top. Note that this may now be gone, but was placed there by Walt for employees.

At 147 feet, it was and still is the tallest structure in Disneyland, and for many years until the 1960’s, it was the tallest structure in Orange County.


The Matterhorn was moved. Yes, well, in the souvenir guide books anyway. From 1959 until 1968 the mountain and ride were officially a part of Tomorrowland. After 1968, she was ‘moved’ to Fantasyland in all the guides.

On opening day, the peak was scaled by members of the local ‘Sierra Club’. The climb is still made to this day, however, did you know there are 30 ‘routes’ the climbers can make to the summit.  Now, on a clear day, while on the summit, one can see both Catalina Island and the Hollywood sign which are 40 miles away.

The famous “doggie” as described by my daughter was added in 1978.


This is one of my favorite cards in my collection. I love the ‘fall season’ grayness of this shot.

Did you know there is an elevator inside which is for the use of employees and Tinker Bell and for decorating (seasonal) as well?


I could go on, but one last question. Notice the number of cars(bobsleds) in the postcards above? 1 (one); that’s correct. Until the 1978 redo of the ride, there was only one car. A second car (tandem hooking) was used to increase the ride capacity.

One last and personal tid-bit. While the fantasyland side is longer by a few seconds (between 15-20 seconds) the tomorrowland side is considered the more exciting ride.

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