Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"I wanted to be the first to let you know"

e-mail this morning to my support group:


Hello everyone,

October 5th, 1955 the Disneyland Hotel opens with seven rooms while an 8th was used as the original office.

That is probably not exciting news to anyone other than to a ‘Disney-phile’ like myself. I would dare think that in the original days of both the hotel and the park itself, the future was a tentative thing. I could recount the naysayers who told Walt of the impending doom of his magical little park. Much less the pomposity of building a five star resort in the middle of orange groves.

A lot like naysayers of today. I admitted that I sometimes get caught up in the whole end of days thing going on about us. I sometimes get discouraged by the news of the day involving war, storms, the stock market decline and the uncertainly of what will happen with America’s health care system. Yes, I’m guilty of enjoying the titillation of the 2012 thing.

It would be so easy to become absorbed by all of the QUICKENING (for you listeners to Art Bell) we seem to be rushing pall-mall into. It’s hard not to be caught up into a permanent depression akin to being perpetually stuck in the History Channels Armageddon Week.

But, However, Alas, Nay, Be of good heart! It may be harder to write of a more happy time. Let alone try and live a more positive outlook. Tonight, once again I shall be blessed by you all. Both in person and by those who for myriad reasons cannot join us in person; we will gather and embrace each other in a celebration of positive light. We come together to acknowledge each other.

No matter the individual story (which are all amazing and are monuments to a smile); but as a group, we are a song, a mighty choir a living voice to what is good in life. In simply being still alive. No matter how black the cancer, each of us throw off that shroud and let our being shout that we are alive and we are happy for that privilege. YES, never ever take even one second of life for granted. Oh, I know, ‘for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God’. You know what? I would match this group up against the worst that the world and Satan could ever sling at us. We live, we are alive by His grace and I for one am humbled by each of you. By each of your stories, by your courage to be alive and live each and every day no matter the pain or hardship. By that grace, we are here again on the first Tuesday evening of this and each and every month. I look forward to our fellowship. I hope you do as well.

I got a call this morning, early as I was drinking my morning coffee. It was my favorite Oncology nurse on the other end. An Jan shared with me the good news; my Petscan was clear and she wanted to be the first to let me know that I was yet again, cancer free. What wonderful anti - end of the world, all are doomed news.

Do not let the naysayers discourage you. Get up each and every day. Enjoy the fact that you are alive and that you can.......

Over the weekend I was talking with my eldest daughter. We had know for awhile that she was pregnant with my 6th (sixth) grandchild. She has 3 (three) beautiful girls, but; this grandchild is a boy. After 5 times, I decided to know the sex. I always wanted to be surprised. I was so happy to learn that it was to be a boy and she has decided to add my name to the future. There will be another Stephen in this world. This world which is wonderful and happy and pleasing. See, it is a good day indeed.

I look forward to seeing you all tonight and to those who are distant or absent; you are all in my prayers.

Be strong my brothers and sisters because Cancer Sucks.

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