Thursday, March 4, 2010

skinput: a better tomorrow or another mark of the beast?

I tend to try and look ahead to the world my grandkids will be a part of. I, like a lot of us, have always wanted a better jet pack.

With almost every blink of the eye, there are amazing announcements of a better tomorrow. Take one example. The e-book reader. Already, we are seeing signs of a second generation. Think Sony > Kindle > iPad. Just yesterday I wanted a reader. This morning I ‘had to have’ a Kindle. Wait a second, one moment. (Think HAL 9000) There is now the iPad.

Hummmm, did you know my laptop does recognize the .pdf format?

Tomorrow is clobbering you right in the jaw. Right now. It’s not a slap; it’s a punch.

I can just imaging what my grandkids will say:

“Ha, remember how excited crazy ol’ granddad was about that Kindel he got?”

“Yeah, he was so funny. If only he knew what we have now. Just think, I heard him say there was a time before something called a fax machine and oh yeah, his first modem was only 300 baud.”

“Modem? what is that?”

I truly think and hope mankind will live in a better tomorrow. I just hope and pray ‘we’ are wise enough to use it for the betterment of all.

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