Wednesday, June 2, 2010


As most of you know; I am a big fan of Warren Ellis. It is time again to endorse one of his many projects and maybe convert a few new fans.

If you are in need of some amazing online reading and visual stimulation, my I recommend you to  FreakAngels which is located here. It is free and updated every Friday morning.

If you are unfamiliar with Warren Ellis, a simple Google search will remedy that: just don’t confuse him with the musician. He is the writer. 

He has a staggering amount of material out there and if you need to find some really good places to begin I would suggest ‘Ocean’ or  ‘Orbiter’; which are really excellent stand alone graphic works. Ocean is my personal favorite work by him and I highly recommend it to anyone. If you're in the mood for some good collected series I would point you to ‘Plantary’ or his masterpiece (IMHO) ‘Transmetropolitan’.

Tomorrow sees the release of Vol. Four of the FreakAngles:


I suggest starting at the beginning as linked above.

Mr. Ellis current line of material can be found at Avatar Press. Warren also has a fiction novel available, titled Crooked Little Vein which is a rather amazing read.

He is not for everyone.! You have been warned. Some people find him highly offensive and insulting.

(see > Talk like Warren Ellis for examples) And, in his own words, never assume he is safe for your work computer. Venture into his world with your eyes and mind open; and beware, he can and does bite! LOL, yes, there be arse eels!

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