Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Denial est non a flumen in Egypt!

The following was delivered to my support group last night and read by Mindy.


Hello everyone,

I hate to be not as positive as I normally strive to be, but as the poet of old said... I think I have outlived my insurance companies desire to provide coverage for me any longer.

Years ago in a different life I worked and toiled and I paid my bills and I tried to put a little away for a rainy day. I strove to take care of myself and when I could I even tried to help others. I miss those day.

Several weeks ago now, the latest games started again. Attempts at discouragement and coverage denial puzzles laced with language worthy of a Harvard Law Degree or at the least; a tomb designer in ancient Egypt, began to occur again and again.

What has been most amusing is the rapid coverage acceptance / coverage denial flip flop letters which cross in the mail and are down right rude in nature. It's like in the Weimar Republic when the workers was paid every two hours to keep up with the continued escalation of prices. Only with me, it is keeping up with the denial of coverage.

As of this evening, I have had to cancel 3 doctors follow up appointments, one Petscan and any attempt to feel comfortable about my current status as a citizen in this country. There is also continued unpaid bills which were for service authorized by them.

Yes, I jest; however I am frustrated and I fear that my providers are committing murder by denial and I am their target for improving the bottom line.

As the old British general said in his thick accent, 'There is no tanks in War!"

I confess that I am now a non-producer and I do suckle from the troth of kindness from the good people of this great nation. I struggle with this fact every day. I am part ashamed and part confused. However, I tried to do the best I could when I could do it. I am tired and the insurance companies continue to trifle with my care.

Well, as I have stated before, my goal in life is to live one day longer than my mother. I hope she lives forever, that way I will bankrupt them by the sheer volume of stamps they have to use on all those confusing letters of denial.

Please forgive my ramblings. I love you all and I get strength and nourishment from knowing each and every one of you. You are my friends, my loved ones, my support group and I acknowledge you all as fellow human beings.

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