Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly


      One of the most inspirational and uplifting secular books I have ever read. I was amazed and humbled by my conflicts in life as compared to Bauby's resolve to merely pass time and retain some humanity. 
      At times I cried, even wept; at times I cheered and yelled in support. With every word, sentence, paragraph I keep this prayer on my mind...'there but by the grace of God.' 
     I have a daily struggle against cancer and I have been brought to my knees by the fight with a fellow human being and their sheer will to have the simplest of decorum and happiness. I was inspired and yet ashamed by my own weakness to ever have had any audacity to have ever felt sorry for myself.
     If you are looking for inspiration,have the courage to read this account of a life most extraordinary. This book moves to the top of my recommendation list.


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Sarah said...

Ashamed does not fit your qualities I think you used the wrong word! Will be getting this book thank you!

Thufer said...

I trust it will be a blessing to your soul. I will tell you I was overwhelmed with emotion and feelings of blessed Grace from God by this story of struggle.
In so many ways I found similarity in what he was experiencing; all be it from a much less intense perspective; while some of his experiences were as alien as the moons of Jupiter. As I stated, I was brought to my knees.
My time served in hospitals and convalescence homes are nothing in comparison.