Friday, April 15, 2011

I thought I might just take a second and wish!


Oh, would coffee taste any better here? Would I feel any better, live any longer if this was my home address? Could I read more? Sleep less?

I can smell the salt in the breeze, I can feel the warmth of the rising sun over the waves. I hear seagulls.

My hovel in the desert is no less special. But, I do sometimes wish.




JG said...

Spent a week in Death Valley a couple of weeks ago.

I love the desert. thanks for sharing, Thufer.


Momma Nic said...

Hi, I've seen your comments on various Disney blogs. So today, I stumbled around and discovered your blog. It would seem that ALOT is going on in your life. Prayers will be sent daily your way for sure. I am two months shy of becoming a Grandmother for the first time. I was so touched by your Christmas Eve post. I thank you for it. It even grounded me. We have our own Disney blog. Started by the purchasing of Annual Passes. We are still living off the photos, but one day hope to return again. I hope if you travel to our blog, that is will make you smile, and make your day lighter. Thanks again.