Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yet more dreaming by me.


I apologize, however, I love browsing the  Awesome Spaces web site. It offers many moments of relaxation.

With Easter being this Sunday, I always enjoyed this special day as a child and even (maybe more so) as an adult. I ran across this and my mind went directly to hiding eggs here for all my grand-children.

If only….




Trees tall and strong

Grass green and vibrant

Cherry Blossoms frame my life

and make me so very happy that all of you

are in it.

Enjoy the weekend my family and friends and I hope, pray and trust you remember why this is such a special occurrence we observe. Remember to care for one another. 


Momma Nic said...

Our last house...before the flood of 2005, was an old Quonset Hut. To us it was an amazing space. We raised our 3 children there, under the China Berry trees, and 60 ft away from the creek. Good times.

Sarah said...

Have I ever been here Dad?

Thufer said...

No, just a beautiful spot on this planet. I wish at some level that you had been here and at another level, I know you have been.
Like Momma Nic old Quonset Hut under the Cherry Tree is still a home.

JG said...

Every good thought i have for you, thufer, and your children.