Friday, October 28, 2011

Not done yet

Have not finished moving to new location yet (should finish over the weekend), but I was able to finally spend the night here. Somewhat exciting and coffee this morning on my patio sure taste good. I will post some pictures soon, right now there are a lot of boxes and just stuff. Direct TV gets hooked up this afternoon. More to come soon.


Connie Moreno said...

You've moved! Make sure to send your address!

JG said...

LOL, I moved my office this same weekend.

Hope you are settling in OK.


Thufer said...

Getting there guys. I move slow but steady.
@Connie...I will, just have to get to it.
@JG...I am but I really had to just let go of a lot of clutter. I am going through everything, sometimes shedding a tear or having a smile, then simply passing into the old circular. It's hard but I'm getting it done.

JG said...

I developed a process for that. I make three piles:

Definitely toss.
Definitely keep.

I go through until everything is in one of the three, then go through uncertain again, etc.

sometimes the keep pile has to be reduced too. It's hard, but has it's own kind of reward.