Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some mornings start off sort of hard then turn to gold.


Honestly, I woke up this morning with a ton of stuff I needed to do, a few thoughts about my problems and a real desire to get that first cup of coffee down. I did offer my thanks to God for giving me this day, but I was not as happy or upbeat as I normally try to be.

As I inserted breakfast and listened to the news, it just seems that the world is on some sort of collision course with stupidly on a cosmic scale. Nothing seems right. The violence, the horrible condition people live in, the inability to feel good about being alive was pressing down hard this morning.

I finally made the effort to start up the lap top and take a look at the usual stops I make on the www thingy. I was about to give up and just try and make it into my day with as good a spirit as I could muster.

Then I came across this video. All of a sudden it was OK. Life was still good. The world in it’s own special way was a wonderful place. There was a reason to shed a tear in joy and not just cry of sadness.

Please, no thoughts of the ‘tiger mom’ syndrome. I choose to believe this is God given talent to an individual as one of those reminders that people are special and that we matter. I hope you enjoy this and it gives you pause to accept what is still of worth in this world.