Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Warren Ellis @ the Cognitive Cities Confrence

As most of you know, Warren Ellis is probably my favorite contemporary writer.I have warn you before that he is very capable of using any of your senses as a portal into your subconsciousness and like the beast of Star Trek 2, wrap himself around your cerebral cortex. Never not be afraid of him but always listen to him. He sees into the near future better than most anyone out there and can paint a pretty amazing picture. I know that most of you will not make it to the end of his keynote which took place last year, but if you do; I truly hope your eyes and your mind will be open. He isn't easy to observe and I sometimes think that is probably his major appeal. He can be vulgar, contumelious and downright pagan. While I hold no single personal belief as pertains to spiritual matters with him; I do respect his very often, so correct observations on life and time and tomorrow and things right in front of us all. The 'ghost box' has been a theme in several of his current writings. He is by no means everyone's cup of tea, but I like his thinking on certain aspects of life taking place in the run up to the 'anti-Christ'. Be warned, it is Warren Ellis. He isn't a special effects monster; he can be worst.

Warren Ellis at Cognitive Cities Conference from Cognitive Cities on Vimeo.

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