Tuesday, April 22, 2008

odd ball tuesday stuff

disney is getting (back) into the filming of nature business. story is here and looks like there will be some interesting stuff there.

the real live branch of the bank of america at disneyland.at stuff from the park a short on the bank branch.

my friend dave at the jungle cruise has a photo of the rare white rhino no longer seen on the ride.

i am really beginning to think Home is vapor ware. grrrrrrrrrrrr

The sad irony:
("Do not deface the stone" - photo by Christa Gockel - Angkor, Cambodia)

Raiders of the Lost Saucer! [Concept Art]

By: Kevin Kelly
What would have happened if Raiders of the Lost Ark met Sid and Marty Krotfft's Lost Saucer? It might have looked a little something like this. Of course, you might have a chance to see this scene...

Dictionary.com Word of the Day
lionize: to treat or regard as an object great interest or importance.

if you have not been turned on to her yet, check out joanne colan at Rocketboom

ok, the truth, i just wasn't feeling all that good this morning, so i figured i would share with you some of the things which caught my interest this morning. the highlight of the day so for has been sarah calling and telling me she would be in town this weekend. i will get to see the girls and finally meet aurora. yes, you can bet on seeing some pictures of that. i will see you tomorrow and hopefully you have found either a story or a site of interest today. thank you for indulging.

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