Friday, April 18, 2008

Pendleton Woolen Mills Frontierland Letterhead

as many of you know, i have a fondness for early disneyland collectibles. i recently added another peice of 'paper' history to my collection thanks to my friend matterhorn 1959 at stuff from the park.

a nice fully illustrated letterhead from the pendleton woolen mills store that once was the mainstay in frontierland. the engraving on the letterhead shows a vignette of the store with a list at the bottom of the various types of clothing and blankets made by the company. according to information, the store would sell the item and ask for the purchasers hometown so the hometown pendleton outlet could be paid a portion of the sale price. several pieces were found at the bottom of a drawer when the pendleton store was closing in 1990,of which this is one.

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