Thursday, December 25, 2008

88 years ago today

I would suspect most everyone thinks their mother is the most special woman in the world. At least I hope you could think that. I do.

I have wrestled for several days on how to say something special about my mother. I have started and trashed several attempts as none have made me happy or satisfied. I almost, note: almost; wish that I didn't have to say something, but I am compelled too in the end.

There are so many memories I could share, so many lessons imparted that I could pass along. I could recount stories of what a special woman my mother is. Of sacrifices made by her for myself, my family and anyone who was blessed by her presence in their lives. She was a woman who gives to this world, not one which takes.

She spends her days now in a world without memories for her. Most of the time I have to remind her who I am. This is the second time I have had to endure this painful aspect of life. She isn't in pain. She is content near as I can tell. She just does not remember. Each visit is an exercise of re-acquaintance.

For all you have done for me, thank you mom. I love you very much and I pale when I think of your strength. You were a wonderful wife to my dad, a wonderful mother to me and a damn blessing to all who every knew you. Thank you God for allowing her to bring me into this world, she has been a special gift.

Happy Birthday Mother.

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