Sunday, December 21, 2008

In all this, Job charged God not foolishly.

I set here, alone with my thoughts and my memories. Sometimes those thoughts and memories are somewhat warm, kind and amusing. Sometimes they are not. Some tend to be cold, blunt and sting with a venom.

Life is not always a triumph of good over evil. As noted by all those who have come before me; it isn't at all fair nor equitable. I try with every fiber of strength I have to keep the faith and strive to be positive, upright and without flaw. I prey that God will place his hand around me and steady my path.

Just a few days ago my oldest son told me he could not remember the sound of my voice. I cried.

What has happened to me is by my own arrogance. I knew better, but I choose to ignore my own best interest in an indulgence for nothing. I sometimes wish I had someone or something to blame.

But, that would be easy I guess.

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