Wednesday, February 18, 2009

finally, one for the girls

one of the really cool things about being a grandfather to boys is, you have a lot of stuff which they can relate to after you are long gone. my two grandsons’  have a lot to remember me when that time comes.

as you all know by now i have a love of comics and disney. well, today, i finally got a legacy for my grand-daughters which encompass both of those hobbies. after a year of waiting and searching by charlie, i finally got disney comics the classic collection.


for the first and only time that i am aware of; all the rare disney comic books are in one collection.

the collection:

walt disney’s snow white and the seven dwarfs, 1944

walt disney’s bambi, 1942

walt disney’s dumbo, 1941

walt disney’s alice in wonderland, 1951

walt disney’s peter pan, 1953

short of collecting all of the originals, which would be fairly hard and a little expensive; this volume (published once in 2006 and limited) by disney enterprises, inc.; is a wonderful addition to my collection and it will go to my girls. i hope they will someday come to know how important this is to go from me to them. i am excited and i trust it will be a warm and worthy legacy from me.


take care girls and i hope you will enjoy this special book. it was hard for me to get. i love each of you in a way that i hope you will someday know.


gosh, grand-daughters are hard!

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