Wednesday, February 11, 2009

it is a small world;

after all, the fuss and panic, IASW has re-opened. (notice how cleaver that was?) change at the park is just something we all have to deal with. disneyland is over 50 years old and change is the only constant in life. i tend to be a purist and on point want no ride closed or changed updated. that being said, the new IASW looks ok and seems to still be true to the original mary blair concept. enjoy this review which is tongue –n-cheek  but i think puts to rest most concerns.


some thoughts:

‘disneyland will never be complete’……    who said that?

the subs came back..what about the people mover?

can we update star tours please!

also, the main street bank appears to be next on the list for removal. rumor at this point but appears they may put the disney gallery in that space.

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