Wednesday, February 4, 2009

upon completion of my 54th trip around the sun

i really do try and enjoy as much of life as i can. sometimes it’s not a lot. sometimes it is. i do know that i have meet and become acquainted to some very special people along the way. i will never be able to tell you all thanks for the memories. i try and think about as many of the personalities that have been a part of my life, as often as i can. if i have reason to say forgive me, please considered it said. if i need to say it’s ok, you're forgiven; consider that said as well. i wish it may have been different in some cases and i wouldn’t change any of some others. i am 54 today. i am alive and i am blessed. whither you are a memory from way back when i was young or i just meet you this week, you have made a difference in my life and i appreciate it. thank you all for adding to my life and i just hope i have made some little difference in yours. happy birthday to me!


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