Monday, May 4, 2009

yesterday in tomorrow

Of all the ‘lands’ either original to the park opening or added later; none has been tinkered with more than tomorrowland. And; why not?

Here is the 2nd entrance, which survived the longest I believe. This is the entrance I am most familiar with.

A breathtaking look into the future looms just a few steps ahead.


Tomorrow has always been a land in motion; always on the move. Here in the heart of tomorrowland, we see not only the TL Terrace, with the stage ‘UP’, we also see the beloved people mover, the skyway ride a monorail or 2 and people; all on the move.


Back when it was all exciting and new….we have the moon liner, which was the “wiener” for Flight to the Moon, which was replaced (after we landed there with Flight to Mars).


Speaking of change, here are 2 of the existing entrance. Did I say existing? As we speak, this entrance is currently undergoing change and a re-hab.



OK, that concludes our world wind tour of the park. I will from time to time, take a look at individual attractions or areas of interest.

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