Saturday, August 29, 2009

To my Grandchildren:


Never forget to stop and look around your world. Soak in in. Peek around any corner you desire. Sneak into the crevices and touch. Partake in your desires no matter where they lead you. If you step up to a mountain, climb it. If you stumble into the crest of a wave lapping onto the sand at you feet, wade in, jump in; do not be afraid to get wet. If you lay upon a bed of grass, smell it. Both giant trees and small flowers have no scale or distain to be a part of your reality. Open your eyes and never close you heart to discovery. Never let the bitter angels of mans inability to properly grow up stagnate your ability to observe, touch, hold, consume and indulge your wants and desires to learn. There is much out there. Do not let anyone tell you any location or knowledge is prohibited to you. Take hold of your mind, hold on and press the button. Steer it with cheer as it is your vehicle to everywhere. Enjoy the trip children, your world is so much bigger than mine. Do not be afraid, embrace it. Make it yours. Hold it in your hands, pull it, squish it and fashion it into any shape you can conceive.  Pass it along to your grandchildren as a more better place that I was able to leave for you.



Vuonle said...

So meaningful ur words are, dear! I like them. I wish as many children can read ur advice as possible. Have a good time, dear.
A friend from Viet Nam,
Le Vuon.
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Thufer said...

Thank you Le Vuon