Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The start of a recap of my trip.

Over the next few days I will be sharing some photo memories of my trip to Wisconsin.

The trip up started out sloppy and went down hill from there.

On the evening before I was scheduled to leave, I get a text telling me that my flight was cancelled. Sarah got quickly on the phone and arranged for another flight through Dallas. OK, that would have to do.

All packed, checked in and passing TSA’s check point, on board I am. Only to be greeted over the intercom by the captain telling us that there will be a delay due to navigation instrument failure. Hummmmm?  They decided to completely shut down the plane and then start back up performing a complete reboot of the computers and instruments. Onto Dallas about 30 minutes behind.

Boarded, bumped into people stowing their carry-on and finally settled into seat and had buckle snapped.

‘Ah, this is your pilot. We are having some computer issues here. Seems our navigation computer isn’t working properly. Should be about 15 to 20 minute delay.’

This is becoming a pattern!……15 minutes later:

‘Ah, this is the captain, we have had to ground this airplane but we have another waiting for you at gate…….”

A people mover ride around the D/FW airport and an hour and a half later, we get settled into place and ready to role out onto the tarmac and into holding position awaiting take-off.  About 2 hours in all, but into the sky and into the loving arms of my daughter I go.

There are many things I could say here, but just know that hugging my daughter was a happy moment(s), followed by hugs of Caydence.

I was rather tired and ready for bed rather quickly.


This is where I woke up. Note their odd white lawn….hummmm.



this is daughter and one of her animals:


close up of the animal:


the back yard also has that peculiar white lawn:


More to come soon. Have lots of fun stuff to share.

I will leave you today with Aurora prior to wake-up.


When she gets older, she will probably kill me for taking this.

By the way daughter, coffee in your kitchen is just wonderful!

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