Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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The little town of Hudson is rather quint and lovely. The entire area is a combination of old mixed with new and a little artsy. Very charming.

This is a view down the street. I just loved the dusting of snow.


This is the Hudson City Hall.


The band stand down along the river.


Something I see so little of here in Tucson; a steeple.


I love taking pictures of trees. I really love taking pictures of trees in the snow.


Told you it was cold there.


And, the locals are saying this is so mild.


and one last ‘I could be happy here’ shot for the day. Burrrrr


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Sarah said...

As odd as it sounds it really was mild! This time of year there are usually 6 ft drifts of snow and Walmart parking lots have mountains of plowed snow! The temp was just perfect while you were here! The entire week after you left the temp was down to single digits and wind chill was horrible. I am glad you got to see the trees :)