Friday, January 16, 2009

Bioethicists Save Organ Donation by Tweaking the Definition of Death

there are issues coming to my grandchildren that i can not even comprehend.  i sit here and think about what their world will be. the questions of what is life. what will my grandchildren have to deal with? i sometimes tell myself that i have to deal with issues that are difficult. i think each generation does. we all deal with some dilemma that out parents could never have conceived of.

this may surprise some of you, but i have had to make decisions about my cancer and how i want to continue. it is, for me, not just a simple yes, do what you can in order that i live. at some point;  i have to just accept. this is challenging. but are my decisions simple compared to what will be faced by those that come after me.

as mankind continues to continue, i wish them luck and i just hope and prey that they find their way in a world that will be beyond any i could ever imagine. i prey everyday that my grandchildren will live in a big, exciting and wonderful tomorrow; i fear that it will be dark and unsure of itself.

That the line between life and death could be so blurry is a uniquely modern phenomenon.

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