Thursday, January 15, 2009

Judge buys into “videogames made him do it” defense

i sometimes want to just thank God that i have been blessed with wonderful children who not only had/have a good head for what the gaming environment is. they can inhabit that environment with an individually that is both engaging, humorous and yes…helpful. now, i will admit that my youngest son tends to have a flair for the ‘dark side’, the truth is, he has to much on his real world plate to be consumed by the beasts which inhabit the underbelly of the gaming world.

i or we will never probably know the ‘truth’ of what happened in this family. i by no means judge. again, i pass these stories along as something to make you stop, give pause and be at least a little proactive about what goes on in your own living room or in your child's room. there is no substitute for YOU being in YOUR CHILD’S life.

sad story here

oh, thank you GOD, they all turned out just fine with your help.

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