Monday, January 5, 2009

an once more into the breech

as i have stated before, i really do try and keep the faith with my fellow friends in disease. it is hard but i do try.

the calendar has turned pass the holidays and now the reality will slap me in the face yet again. the mask has been made and the baseline will be taken this afternoon. that will be an hour of x-rays that has to be endured on the table. i have filled my prescriptions for the times ahead. 

every afternoon i will be at the center getting my neck zapped into oblivion, yet again. once a week blood draws and chemo chair begin as well.

i do hate this so much and i will be honest; it hurts. feedings through a tube to just stay alive and feel like crap. i suppose in the end, it will be worth the effort (?) i hope so.

i will attempt to post as often as i can to share what life's cards i have been handed. i make no promise, but i will try as best as i can. i will also continue with things i find amusing or interesting.

i enjoy hearing from all of you so please continue to e-mail or drop a comment. i also need your prayers.

i will endure by god’s grace in this and the helping hands of you all.

be strong, because cancer sucks.

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your story and I feel very moved by it, its comforting to see that someone can stay positive during such hard times. The best of luck to you, your in my prayers.