Friday, June 26, 2009

A celebration of 50 years!

On opening day; and, today; there was a parade at Disneyland. There always has been and I hope there always will be. Most of my collection and post here at the hovel involve older items. I wanted to show some contemporary cards to just have some balance and besides, I just enjoy looking at my post card collection and commenting on the park.

Disneyland and I were been the same year. Hummmm

2005 marked the 50th Anniversary and of course the park was spiffy and smacked out in finery. Here is a look at some of the special  memories of that special year.

The Walt Disney Parade of Dreams kicked off on May 5, 2005 and celebrated all aspects of Disney during its run through the Holiday Season (November 11th) of 2008. There were 7 floats (referred to as units) and each had a ‘Hidden Mickey’ on it.

This parade featured one of the largest collection of characters and here are  Mickey and Minnie in their ‘Regal’ outfits.

mickey and minni

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is truly an icon of the park. Here she is decked out in dazzling jewels, golden accents and regal banners. She sure is pretty and has the top of the Matterhorn adoring over the tree tops.


During the ‘Homecoming’ celebration, there ware displayed all over the park the 50th icon or logo. Here is a close up of the ‘ears’ as displayed on the castle.

ears 50th logo

OK, that is part one (1) of our look at the ‘Homecoming’. Look for part tow of this series popping up soon.

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Kat said...

Yeah...we didn't get to go for the 50th anniversary. We have been several times though. I'm not sure when we'll go again.