Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On the pain of being a Warren Ellis fan.

My friend Rob and I banter back and forth a lot on various issues, among then being the current state of Warren Ellis fandom which both of us occupy. Below, find my comments to him this morning just before I entered my subscription with Charlie for yet another story arc of four (4) issues by WE.


Separate note: Warren is doing way to much I think. His A-Xmen is way way behind schedule. I blame him on this one. Frankenstein is no where to be seen - That's an Avatar Issue; but once again a Warren title just out there in the either. 

He did post artwork on the last issue of Planetary.....Years!!!
Grrr, I wish he would do follow up on all pending titles; get them out...then proceed on new stuff.
This is for Marvel and unless it is in the bag now (4 issues) you know it will fall to the bottom of his to do list.
Ahhh, the pains of being a WE fan. The pain!


Boys and girls, do not get hooked on Warren Ellis comics or any of his other projects! He will rot your brain and like a beautiful woman, leave you panting and wanting for more. Oh, wait a minute, that’s his job. Damn, why does he have to be so good?

Note: The intention here is to spark your interest in a great author if your in search of one.

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