Friday, January 22, 2010

A break in the rain.

There is something refreshing and cleansing about the rain. I simply enjoy the washing of the world. It’s as if the dirt and grime of the everyday build up are brushed aside, and run down the street to become the dirt and grime of someone else. Maybe they will see the beauty and newness this watershed brings. IMG_1988 


As per AC:

“I've been asking for some rain. My roses had been pruned and it has been a crisp and clear 70' after the holidays. I really wanted a couple of rainy days...just to wash the flowers faces and bathe in the raindrops of a new year. I think my British roots show through in this kind of weather and I dig my umbrella. After it rains and the sun peeks is so refreshing to just breathe... a good way to start the new year I think.”


The clouds shall be gray for a day or so, I will be here to enjoy them as they wash my world and bring a smell of new and fresh and tender rebirth to all things.


And in that water is the reflection of living things most clean and ready to be beheld a new.


Yes, down the street it all flows; to someone else's world. Thank you for the rain.


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