Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I would like to turn the other cheek!

This Monday started like any other day really. First thing in the morning, I ran to Dr. C to have the stitches removed from where he had removed some skin cancer last week. Came home, had some lunch and then went to run and stop at a few places then go to mom's doctor for her B-12 shot. after getting several things done and getting her shot, we returned home and came inside.

I placed my keys on the table, made sure mom headed into the living room to sit down; then I headed into my bedroom. My first clue was my music CD holder was tipped over and my CD's were on the floor. several books which were on my dresser were also on the floor. Now, my first thought was a branch from the tree right outside had been blown off the tree and broken the window and had crashed in. Yes, we have had bad weather here the last week and one day had 70 mph winds.

Then, as I looked for the branch, there wasn't one. Hummmm. My first thoughts began to creep into my mind. I left my room to go through the house.

Coming into the front living room, where mom had been sitting, I looked and my TV was gone. Cables on the floor. My laptop, which I had left on the couch was gone.

Having you home broken into is a very unsettling feeling. It had happen to me once, years ago. That time, the intruders had been very destructive and torn the house up. This time, the intruders knew exactly what they wanted , came in and took it. They even took the time to remove my iPod charging cable.

A pain in the butt and I have to spend money i really didn't want or need to spend, however; I know it could have been a lot worst. As I am no saint, I am extremely mad and upset. But I know this could have been an entirely different story if the people that broke in had a mean streak instead of just being jerks.


william said...

I am so sorry that this happen dad. I went to your house as soon as I got the news from you. Aaron and I had a sick feeling when we saw what happened. I have never had my house broken into but I have had my things stolen before, it's a horrible feeling. You sit back and say why me. All I know is that you have to pick up and move on, it sucks but life continues on, and hope that the people that did this to you wont do it to someone else. Just remember that all of are here for you, and we're just a blink away. We love you and stay strong like we know you are.

Thufer said...

Thank you, you both were so much help. You guys all get me through life as it is for me.

Anonymous said...

Omgosh! this suckS!!!!!! Im so sorry! And i freaking miss you! see you soon!
- heather