Monday, May 10, 2010

‘little girl’ goes green

and no; I don’t mean she became a tree huger. I found these while going through my desk this morning and just had to share.

My friend Elda stopped by one night several years ago to partake in this madness.

5-10-2010 11;43;49 AM

Of course her brother had to get in on the belly laughs and fun.

5-10-2010 11;41;30 AM

Now, what was really cool for me was, when she was out of the net and playing in the field she was easy for me and the Refs to find.

5-10-2010 11;45;21 AM


Sarah said...

I think the green went to her head! XD

Thufer said...

:: snicker,snicker ::

Lil H said...

hahaha not