Thursday, May 27, 2010

recovery from last night

OK, I will not lie to you. Physically, I was very challenged to get through the show. I of course had a lot of mucus and saliva build up. I was tired, it’s a lot for me to be out and about and getting up and down the TCC steps was a pleasure.

The blessing for my ears was well worth the effort. Oh my, to hear that wonderful music performed by professional musicians in a big space with a good (yes, THX certified) sound system was just too much to believe. It was awesome.

This morning I drink coffee and enjoy my new cup and beanie. hehehehe, Star Wars rocks.


If I were whole, I would have been no more happier. I so enjoyed the experience.


Sarah said...

Must have been fun! Nice to see you got out !

Thufer said...

It was a blast. The only thing negative was the exhibits. While what was there was very well displayed and inspiring for any Star Wars nerd;the size (over all) was small and the time period was very biased to the newer movies. Esp.'s 1,2 and 3. There was very little with respect to the original 3 movies. That said, again, the presentation was very well done and exciting to see.
The music, the orchestration, the laser show and the projected movie snippets where....well, out of this world.
Yes, it was fun to get out; uncomfortable but fun.