Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plan A or how to spend three days in a hospital

I met with my new Thoracic Surgeon this morning. As almost everyone had told me; he’s another rock star medical type. Considered the best lung surgeons in Tucson, I was set to ease with how quickly he understood my concerns regarding chasing cancer all through my body and removing what little of me is left.

First off, the good news; the second biopsy which was scheduled for next Wednesday when out the window like yesterday’s bad habits.

“Mr. Parker, both you and I know you have cancer in your lung correct?”

Made sense to me as I was not looking forward to another one of those happy happy joy joy times on my stomach.

Here was his offering for my consideration:

Two nights and three fun filled days in the hospital. He would go in through my left side and using what is really called a lung stapler, he would section off the portion of lung in question and take it out. Leaving me with a tube in my side for drainage which I am use to for three day stay, minimal. If all when well, after 3 days, I could go home where I would have limited mobility for 3 to 4 weeks while recovering on what he promised were the best designer pain drugs I wanted.

The possible dangers were the normal, bleeding, lung tare and/or collapse, yadda,yadda, yadda.

He was very aware of my desires and is going to consult with my radiation oncologists after I meet with him in the morning. This doctor feels it’s pretty much my choice. If I elect to have the radiation, there is no prejudice against later coming back and having the surgery.

All and all, he gave me no hard sale for having him perform the surgery; he was amazingly in tune with my desires towards future treatment plans; and, seemed very willing to work with my other doctors in regards to options and election of treatment.

OK, that’s PLAN A. I met with radiation oncologist tomorrow morning and I get to consider PLAN B.

Oh boy, can’t tell you how much fun this is!

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