Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A look at my calendar

This was delivered to my support group last night and read by Mindy:

Hello everyone,

I am so very happy to be here and see everyone. I can't begin to tell you all how much encouragement and strength I get from merely being in your presence. Thank you all for being my friend.

I have had a much to busy medical calendar yet again as I stated in my last e-mail to the group. Let me catch you all up to date and give you the plan as I go forward.

Last week I did in fact have my lung biopsy. Really, it was not horrible but much like a root canal or an all expenses paid trip to Baghdad; something I really not recommend as a fun way to spend the day. I get to do it again looks like, but more on that in just a second. They do not give you anything but a local because you have to control your breathing and while laying on my stomach, they stick a garden hose; well OK, I guess it is called a long surgical fine needle aspiration cytology of the left upper lung lobe mass. The doctor obtained two samples.

A couple days later I meet with Dr. Huang and we discussed the box score as it were. Funny thing about pathologists I have learned over the years. They love to express results much like the Nixon White House... they speak in a non denial; denial manner. Put another way, nether confirm nor deny. Now, we all know that it isn't good but the official word is:


I'll be honest, my first reaction was confusion. After speaking with Dr. Huang, he informed me that this was not to be confused with the fact that I did in fact have a cancer spot in my lung.


Because of the wordage we decided on the following path of exciting adventure and romp roaring flights of medical fancy.

- have the Pet Scan on Monday the 3rd. Yesterday. I did a quick count and I believe that was the 11th Pet Scan I have had in 4 and a half years.

-This Thursday I have an appointment with Dr. Schwartz to amongst other things indulge with my Constitutional Right to consult with my doctor.

-I have yet another Rock Star doctor to meet, greet and break in. I meet with a Thoracic Surgeon who is highly regarded by the name of Dr. Coulton who I believe works at UMC but his office is on Knight Drive. It is his call if I will need a second biopsy or not. (Note, the biopsy has been scheduled for the 19th at St. Joe's.)

-Lung surgery to remove the upper one third of my upper left lung to be scheduled by Dr. Coulton.

As of right now, no one can tell me if this is a metastases of the old throat cancer or if this is in fact a new primary which has developed. Go figure, medicine is truly an art, not a science. So my friends, I have once again; at least right now, decided to go to bat and take another swing. I will not go quietly anywhere. For now, I shall go kicking and screaming ... well, more like just a shuffle and a cough into yet more procedures and more treatment. But damn it, I am going and by the grace of God and the support of all of you I will continue to go and continue to not break the faith of all of you and I will continue to live. It isn't fun being me, but it is interesting and beats chasing wayward women on the dimly lit streets of Eloy. At least I tell myself that.

I love you all and please know that I think and pray for all of you every day.

Be strong because cancer sucks.

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