Friday, May 2, 2008

it wasn't always fun and games...

on all those soccer trips. nooooooooooo, sometimes it was stark terror. it was always the hottest weekend of the summer it seemed like. all day in the sun, either watching or reffing soccer games with a ton of kids all day. then back to the motel with 15 screaming girls. oh gads, i am totally surprised i did it at all. sunburn and sick of pizza. what left you ask could be it store for this mere mortal of a dad? well, castles and coasters of course.

sunburned,feet tired,head hurting,sick to stomach,ready to strangle any child within reach, soccer season was not complete without a trip to castles and coasters and what else, turning yourself upside down once; oh no, but twice. of course, who is all smiles...hint, she is the one on the left.

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