Thursday, May 8, 2008

Tell us about where you live.

i live in tucson, arizona; yea, it’s a dry heat but so is your oven. turn it to 116 degrees and stick your head in there. we are currently in our reward time for living through july and august. fairly nice right now and has been overcast. there is no water here except during the monsoons which come twice a year. local art does well and food is somewhat interesting. night life is typical for a college town. local politics here, like most places is lame at best and detrimental at worst. desert living is ok once you get use to the strange animals you have to share your life with. there are some serious prehistoric bugs here and several which kill if they bite you. there are some interesting landscapes and mountains close by, which add to the natural beauty. same for me...i could move i suppose, by why?

oh, my words to the wise. do not move here if your healthy. honest, there are several air born 'beasties' which can cause severe illness. also, the damn snowbirds make winter here a living hell. can somebody please tell them how to drive?

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