Saturday, May 3, 2008

it's free comic book day

i saw iron man yesterday. it was better than i was expecting, given past efforts of putting super hero's on the big screen. downey was spot on as tony stark and i truly enjoyed his performance. total eye candy and a 'wow look at that cool shit' type of movie. the popcorn with extra butter was awesome as well.

i will be off to see mom soon and start the day with her having a cup of coffee. she is able to walk some now which is exciting. she had a doctor visit in the week and he says she is doing just fine and can go full weight bearing. so, all is looking up and better on that front.

the fun starts at 10am at the local comic stores here in town. i will be headed to charlie's first then i will make it to hero and villains where there will be stormtroopers. as always, i will have my canon and will surly post an update this evening.

on a sadder note, little girl has moved out at last. it is a bitter sweet time and i am sure i will miss her. it is at times like this that i wish i was rich like tony stark and i could hire my own 'legendary ms. potts'.

have a wonderful free comic book day everyone and remember, you own imagination is the best drug.

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