Sunday, May 18, 2008

Laura Ray Memorial Golf Tournament

One of the bigger funding razing events my support group does is this golf tournament. This year, was the first I was healthy enough to help out. Was up at 0 dark thirty and in desperate need of coffee, which I hastily made. Quick shower, filled the thermos and off to the Pines Course where the event took place.
After meeting up and getting doors unlocked, we started putting up raffle prizes and getting stuff ready.

After getting our assignments it was off to greet the golfers and sell tickets for various things such as mulligans and fund raising activities.
Then the golfers were sent on their way.

During the tournament i was assisting PJ who was the official picture taker for the event. I was very happy with this assignment and spent the day (as time allowed) taking shop (read as taking pictures) with him. The setting and the day was simply stunning.

PJ gave me some really good tips and I was able to capture this ball just as it was struck.

The event ran until about 12:30 and I was very tired and ready to get in some shade. We packed up and headed back to the club house for lunch, prize give aways and saying good bye's.

It was a wonderful day Laura. Rest Well.

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