Tuesday, May 20, 2008

a look at small town mendenhall where..

my mom and dad grew up. i wish i could claim these pictures but they are not mine. i found them on the web.

this is a really good look at the court house at the top of main street in mendenhall. this is where both my parents grew up. my dad told me of seeing a public hanging in the court yard at the back of this building as a child. that was a different time.

court house


this is an old gas station,which was on the road coming into town. at one point in time it was owned and operated by family friends and we always bought gas here. i remember as a small kid, i have gone through that door to look at the candy available. it was amazing, for a quarter, i could get a bag full of penny candy and there was an old fashion 'top slide' coke machine there for an additional dime.



just some random memories this morning. i wish i could find a picture of sullivan's fruit stand to share.

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